As an exporter, our relationships with other breeders ensure us to fulfill our costumers’ expectation. As our aims and objective is to reach a high level of customer satisfaction by maintaining the satisfying order fulfillment level. Hence, we have our Quarantine Facilities, where we can assess every new incoming fishes from our own breeding farm and also from other breeders, to meet our quality standards.

Various fishes we exports such as Tetras, Characin, Molly, Platy, Guppy, Tropical Carps, Barb, Danio, Cichlids, Discus, Gourami, Betta, Catfish, Rainbow, Shrimp, Crayfish, and Ancient Fish.

We normally take orders from customers within 10 to 14 days ahead the delivery date. Within the period of time, we do the collection and asses the items will be sent. Then, we practice “Quarantine Period” in our tank to ensure the fishes conditions are in a good health.

We have served and covered all 5 continents in the world where customers receive our fishes, and we hope more many more to serve.

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